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Help, I am having a real problem with my 2003 Excursion 6.0. Specifically, my brakes and my steering have been deteriorating over the course of the last few months. A few weeks ago it got to the point where the steering will only work if I have the RPM’s above 2200 and the brakes are really iffy. I did research and decided it must be the Hydroboost. I bought a rebuilt unit and replaced the current one.

What did I do:
Everything went together well.

I lifted the front of the truck to get the wheels off the ground and I then flushed the power steering system with 4 quarts of Mercon V using the 3/8’ 6’ long hose and pumping the brakes and turning the steering wheel to the stops. Weird note, the brake presses would cause the fluid to flow but turning the wheels did not produce any flow at all.

I did the “Turn the steering wheel to the stops 5 times and then pump the brakes 3 times” and I did this 42 times.

I dropped the front end down to the ground and then started the truck. NO CHANGE! Brakes are crap and the Power Steering only kicks in at 2200 RPM.

HELP! I cannot find any leaks anywhere. The brake reservoir is at full and the Power Steering fluid (Mercon V( level is full.

At this point I think I replaced the Hydroboost for nothing but I am stumped as to what to do. I am not seeing any codes at all.

Additional Info:
I think this may have all started when I changed the driver’s side wheel bearing a few months ago. I don’t know what I could have done but it is the last repair I did and I did have to move (not unhook) the brake caliper.

What should I check?

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