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For those of you who have been helping me with advice or following my thread
orig posted at:

Any way I went ahead & done the Hutch Mod using:

1 - 3/8" tube compression union
1 - 5/16" tube compression union
3ft - 5/16" coated steel tubing 40" cut down
4" - 3/8" coated steel tubing 10" cut down mine was about 5-5.5" because pick up melted. I'll have to get a new pick up sooner or later.
10ft - 3/8" 30R7 rated fuel injection line
I used 4 but 5 are needed- stainless steel worm clamps
Inline Fuel Filter Mesh Type 3/8" Wix 33270

You also need, disconnect for 3/8" & 5/16" fuel lines to tank.
A tubing bender.
Tools & 2 Ratchet straps if going from underneath "Solo"
Do yourself a favor and buy a new fuel pick up.

Gonna add a new pump, carter booster pump, riff raff x over, when I have the time & money.

With that said truck runs smoother & quiter.
But my orig issue is still there.

This is what my pick up & screens looked like: Broken pick up

Could this have starved my injectors causing the knock/tapping I have now?
Or is it valvetrain related? One way or another I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.

I'll repost a new vid when I get a chance.

BTW tapping has since got louder
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