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Huge dent in bed (Jack Knifed)

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So when I bought my truck not long ago I had to deal with the previous owners trailer back up problem. So my question is...How do I get the son of a gun knocked out. I was tempted to use a big effing hammer but honestly this is my first good body work of this nature. I'd like to put new flares on but this huge thing kind of inhibits that. Doesn't have to be perfectly flat and flush, but would like it to look like there isn't a big dent from afar. I don't want to bring it to a body shop cause this is how you learn to do things yourself. Awesome site by the way. i have been on here none stop. I'm addicted so far.

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Your bush is in the way
Your bush is in the way :taze:
hey sorry didnt see this....i never use the clear in a rattle can...just never seems to have the same depth. i use it in a paint gun with the compressor...
PULLNPRAY- So for my knowledge...What is it; if you know, that a paint gun that paints so well that a spray can cannot do? Isn't a rattle can just a much smaller form than the paint gun? So would i have to do many many more coats to achieve the same effect?
10 month update- It has been a while for the paint to get weathered and I would fully recommend to get the clear coat from a professional or a spray gun. The spray can clear coat just doesn't give any depth. Looks dull and doesn't match the rest of the trucks clear coat. But it holds up to weather and the every so often when its washed. So when the weather warms up, I'll re-sand the clear coat, make it look clean and go somewhere i can have someone shoot some clear coat on it.
61 - 65 of 65 Posts
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