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Huge dent in bed (Jack Knifed)

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So when I bought my truck not long ago I had to deal with the previous owners trailer back up problem. So my question is...How do I get the son of a gun knocked out. I was tempted to use a big effing hammer but honestly this is my first good body work of this nature. I'd like to put new flares on but this huge thing kind of inhibits that. Doesn't have to be perfectly flat and flush, but would like it to look like there isn't a big dent from afar. I don't want to bring it to a body shop cause this is how you learn to do things yourself. Awesome site by the way. i have been on here none stop. I'm addicted so far.

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So it looks like I'm going to have to take the bed off? Was hoping not to have to do that.

Just take the frame bolts out from inside the bed? Anything else to be concerned about?
the three (3) screws to the gas tank filler hose. But if you shimmy the bed to the passenger side you will still be able to get to those spot welds. That is how i got to mine.
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the three (3) screws to the gas tank filler hose. But if you shimmy the bed to the passenger side you will still be able to get to those spot welds. That is how i got to mine.
Awesome-thanks again for the help. Great pics!
No worries. It has been raining and i haven't been able to get to painting yet. Out of impatient needs. I drove to 5 auto stores and picked up all the duplicolor primer and color match paint for the truck. They should have a shipment in next week so i can go raid that too. HAHA! Augusta your out of primer cause of me. Wait one week they'll get their shipment in.
Almost finished

So i got at least some day light and some good weather to paint. I ended up washing and scrubbing the already sanded bedside and let it fully dry. After that i hit it up with a primer that is really a shade darker than the white color it is now. So i didn't provide pics on that. But here came the test of whether this is going to look good or not.
First coat and hitting the edges. whether i am doing it right on not i'm getting the job done.

Sweet lines. I painted a full length and shook the rattle can and then went over the last line about 50% coverage. Then i went back over and went over the lesser of the painted lines.

After doing the scientific methodology of rattle canning it looked like this.

Side by side comparison of new vs. factory paint. By the way have not used clear coat.

Speaking of clear coat. I am considering finding a place to shoot the bedside with clear coat as that'll give it the depth that the original factory has. I feel if i clear coated it with the rattle can it'll be shinny but not have that depth. HMMMMMM much to think about.
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350factor, that's a hell of a job with just the ol' rattle can!!!!!!
dang sweet job man! I need to pull my bed and work on it. Thanks for all the info on how to do that. I like that spot weld cutter, I need to get me one.
Spot weld cutter from harbor frieght was just a few bucks. i am sure you can get them from northern tool as well. Advanced auto parts has them on there site but you have to call in to see if it is in stock.
I will be finishing the tailgate and use rattle can clearcoat to see how that all works out. Pics will follow as usual.
Well i did a clear coat on the tailgate; that so happened to come with the truck bed, and this was a test to see how the clear coat would match up and look with the original factory paint and clear coat.

Now i realize the tailgate has a dent and i really cant get behind the dent to pop it out. Besides, I scored this with a pull out step. I'll live with it.
Before clear coat

After. Mmmmmm looks good.

So with this result I will be spraying the bedside too.
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man that looks good! great job man! i paint all my own stuff too and you did a pretty good job with the rattle can
PULLNPRAY-Now that the clearcoat has dryed I think it needs a few more coats to give the look of more depth. Do you have expierence in ol' rattle can and getting that kind of look.
I don't know if I missed it but did you do any sanding in between coats?

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i really didn't want to knock down a ton of work so i used a really fine grit sand paper and water on the second coat. There are roughly 4 coats total. Should i do more water sanding?
i should have clarified the only sanding was after the 2nd clearcoat. then i did 2 more coats there after
No you are good. I was just wondering if it was any different using rattlecans

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Oh i am sure it matters for a very clean finish. But i am working with a truck here. lol
Oh i am sure it matters for a very clean finish. But i am working with a truck here. lol
yeah I hear you. It looks real good. I want to see a side shot of the truck in direct sunlight after you clear the bed. I had my bed shot by a local shop and it just doesnt look as good I wanted it too. lol your rattle canned looks better than what the shop did on mine haha
Ill show you mine if you show me yours :drool:
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