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2002 F350.
I’ve noticed that my 7.3 doesn’t start right up when cold. It has to crank 4-5 revolutions before it catches. Also seeing oil in my valley tray? Could this be a HPOP a failure happening.
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Could be as simple as a leaking line but yes I would take care of it now before something fails on the road.
It is possible.

If you need a HPOP, we do have them in stock. The leak is more than likely the cause of the longer cranks due to needing to refill the oil on the high pressure side of the system.

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You need to read some sensors before spending $500+ labor on a HPOP. If it’s mostly relating to cold glow plugs could not all be working (they don’t set off codes) just banks (sides) so you’ll have to ohm them out.

Plug in the block heater 3hrs before you need to start it next time and see if it makes a difference. If it does start with glow plugs and uvch.

you need to read the numbers off the ICP and IPR. If the ICP does not see the minimum value it will extend the crank while the hpop builds pressure. If the IPR is starting to go out it can bleed off the hpop pressure prematurely causing extended cranks. You see where I’m going. you should read this and get the diagnostic tool of your choice before just buying parts.

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