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HPOP simple question... hopefully.

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2004 F350 6.0 Harley Davidson edition. I think my HPOP is weak or completely bad. Anyways, I am looking online to find the cheapest prices I can and I notice there are two pumps to choose from. One is for an early 2004 and the other is for a late 2004. How do I tell which one I need, before I buy the wrong one.

Also, the old pump hasn't been removed yet and turbo is still above it. I haven't started to take it out yet. So I cant get my eyes on it...
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Ok so the ICP sensor is in fact on the valve cover. Making it a late model 04. So my HPOP should look like this? View attachment 783211 View attachment 783210 View attachment 783211
View attachment 783210
Absolutely NOT. That add is wrong, that is an 05 and up HPOP. Unfortunately many people, internet adds, and even forums, support the misconception of that fitting the 04 model year. It does not.
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The only two that I think are extremely reliable are expensive.

DieselSite makes a reliable remanufactured one and so does CNCFab. Dieselsite actually has two sizes - one slightly larger than stock, and one with even more capacity. Most people do not need the extra capacity.
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Here is the DieselSite web site: Notice that HE gets it correct and states that it is for 03-04.5. Lots of people have wasted money on this mistake.

Notice his comment:
"APPLICATION: ALL 2003 -2004.5 6.0L ENGINES "

The one from CNCFAb:

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If you look at the Ford's "Sales Reference Manual", you will see that there are NO 2004.5 engines that came with the cast iron pump. They are ALL the round pumps. This is verified with the HPOP part number AND the branch tube part numbers.

The round pump with increased capacity came with the 2004.5 model year. It fits JUST FINE in the early 2004 engines and the 2003 engines. Sept. 29, 2004 is when the production of 2004.5 engines began.

I have seen only 1 person that stated he had an 2004 truck with the cast iron HPOP, and I believe he is just mistaken and probably has an 05 engine that has an 04 production date (or the engine was switched)......or he isn't familiar with what he was looking at.

I have verified all of the above with MANY Techs, and personal experience. It is also consistent with the 6.0L bible.
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With an engine serial number I can match up the appropriate HPOP part number through the Sales Reference Manual.

I will say that there could be a RARE exception to every rule, but the VIN number and serial number should tell the story. Sometimes, if the truck is purchased used, then the Previous Owner could have done practically anything to the engine.

One simple way to tell is that the 2005 cast iron pump sticks up through the middle of the HPOP cover. The IPR is screwed into this extended part of the HPOP. The HPOP cover will be aluminum.

Here is the 2004.5 "revisions" version of the 6.0L bible.

Check out the round aluminum pump on page 23 (picture 41). Also page 25 (picture 52)

On page 27 it states:
The high-pressure pump utilized with the new wavy high-pressure rails will have the capability to produce increased oil pressure over the original high-pressure pump.

No mention of the cast iron HPOP in the 2004 6.0L bible.

Then you go to the 2005 6.0L bible and it includes the last "running changes" to the 2004 engine. These were PRE-2005 engine production. The cast iron pump was NOT one of those running changes.

Also in the 2005 6.0L bible, you can see the transition to the cast iron HPOP for 2005, in the 2005 6.0L bible (page 2 and picture 5, as well as pages 3-4 and pictures 7-11):

Note that the earliest 05 Excursions ACTUALLY came with the 04 HPOP since the Excursions were used as the place to "use up" the extra 04 engine inventory.

NOTE also from this 2005 6.0L bible: "The (2005) serial number break for Indianapolis built engines is 6344943. Production began June 29, 2004."

This mid-2004 beginning date for the 2005 engine production causes many un-informed people to think that they have 04 engines when they don't.

Internet vendors do MUCH to extend the mis-information, so do some forums.

The attachment summarizes the issue quite well ..... it is also from the 2005 6.0L bible.


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