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HPOP reliability

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how reliable is the HPOP on a stock 96er?? just curious cuz my mechanic thinks my HPOP is going out.
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I have never heard of one actually being bad, most of the time when one is changed it is because of miss diagnosis. It is very possible that your mechanic is right and it is bad but it is also very likely that there is some other problem. Without knowing his troubleshooting methods and “why” he thinks it is bad I can’t say.

I know a new/rebuilt one form a 99.5-03 model will be an upgrade and it costs from $350-$450 depending on where you buy it.
If I was just determined to try something, I’d try changing the IPR, IF you need a new pump it most likely will not come with the IPR so you would need one anyway. It would be best if you had a scanner or could borrow a Diablo sport Predator programmer (it has awesome diagnostic functions) that way you could watch what’s going on while its happening.
Sensor that goes with an IDM????
Now thats a new one on me.

IDM's are relatively cheap from ebay or, and easy to change, Glad thats what it is.
Sounds like another reason I like to fix my own stuff.
I’ve seen many IDMs go for around $200 or less on eBay. I bet you can get one from a junk yard for less than $100. I’d find out what sensor that is that supposedly goes with the IDM before I authorized any work to be done.
WHAT sensor????
Yep, thats why I want to know what sensor they are talikng about, sounds to me like they are blowing smoke and trying to get a big payday or they don't know whats wrong and want to throw parts at it.
I got a spare ICP sensor in the garage, picked it up on eBay for $20 and swapped it out with my original one to make sure it worked. I still say you can get an IDM and an ICP for way less than $300, and yes they are ford specific parts but you don’t gotta buy them from Ford, in-fact Ford buys most of its parts from International then puts them in a Ford bag and sells it to you for twice the price.

The ICP sensor and the IDM are not linked in any way and do not fail together or go with each other. Run, run while you can.

I have bought lots of “Ford specific parts” on eBay and from online junk yards, most of the eBay parts are new and in ford packaging and all have been way cheaper than Ford and have fit and worked with no problem. Heck, last week I bought a computer (PCM) for my truck for $75 delivered and it works great. Do what you want but if it were me I’d fix it myself for about $200 IF that is what is really wrong with it.
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