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I just wanted to give a little thanks to all of those out there that have posted on this topic over the years. With a hundred bucks dropped at dieselorings and an entire day of work, I was able to remove my hpop and fuel bowl and rebuild both items with new o-rings. It was quite an endeavor but well worth the effort and sweat(and a little blood) compared to paying someone else to do the work. My valley/hpop went from a black oil dripping mess to a clean and pristine engine with zero leaks! I read lots of threads regarding the start up procedure following the reinstallation and because of those it fired on the first crank with zero white smoke or idling issues. I am one happy owner and my 2001 is ready to get another 260k put on the odo(right after I get this 05-07 front end installed:wink[3]:).

Thank you Terminator Engineering for your photos...
Thank you DieselORings for your products...

...and thank you all for your posts - they were priceless :icon_ford::thumb:
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