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HPOP 04 should I switch to 05.

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I am putting my new engine together,And wondering should I move up to the 2005 HPOP. The engine in my truck has the diesel site bullet pump (04 style) and I have not had any issues with it.I know the 05s and up idle smoother etc…..
It’s not a must do,just figured now would be the time. Thanks
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Every single 04 6.0L had the "round" aluminum HPOP. The late 04's had the update to the wavy oil rails, but still had the round pump. This late 04 update (from the factory) to the wavy oil rails, required their own specific branch tubes, which are different than the 03 (and early 04), but also different from the 05's.

Jack was referring to issues that seem to have arisen with standpipe reliability. This seems to have affected "late 04's and up" equally. The 03's and early 04's just don't have the issues with their standpipes.
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