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My half-ton pick up just aint going to cut anymore!

I am in the timber business and I usually have my work shipped via big rigs. However, I have a decent Hudson trailer and WILL be buying a Powerstroke to help save money on projects closer to home and that are under 15,000lbs.

So I need your help! I am on a small budget of a bootstrapped business!

There is a 99 F-250 7.3L close to me that is for sale. He is asking for 7000K but said he would take 5K today over a long phone conversation.

Here are the factors:

  • 400K miles on ODO
    -New engine installed at 300K
    -Manual transmission
    -Entire Front End Redone at Local Tech School (Shimmy needed to be fixed). I assume that at 400K most front ends will need to be redone
    -Original Transmission
    -said previous owner was Motor Company out of Florida. used to haul cars. hwy miles?

So, what are your thoughts? What should I look for upon pre-purchase inspection?

Can I still get good use out of a truck like this?:dunno:

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