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Howdy All!

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My name is Aubrey Stewart from Northern Alabama (Huntsville). My daily driver is my 2000 7.3 Excursion 4X4 with 290K miles which I've driven for the last 15 years. Still love it but I'm at the cross roads of either sinking some money into it or trading it in on a new Powerstoke F250 now that Ford seems to have figured out how to make a reliable diesel engine.

I could use some thoughts on engine work. One whole bank of glowplugs went out a few years back (says the code reader) and my mileage is down to 14 mpg from the 19 I used to get. I'm thinking I should R&R the injectors and replace the glowplugs all around. Should I pull the heads and have them overhauled while I'm in there?
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Howdy Aubrey, welcome to org. That sounds a very reliable rig, post up on 7.3 section for good exposure of your questions;
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