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Looking to replace the stock amp and still keep all functions to push a bit more power for my front/rear's...might there is a proper solution floating around?

Current setup:
JL Audio C2-350x 3.5" 25 Watts RMS
JL Audio 13TW5V2 2 ohms 600 Watts RMS
JL Audio 500/1v2 Slash Amp
Focal PS 165 6.5" 160 Watts RMS Component
Audio Control LC2i LOC
SuperCrewSound 13.5" JL Box .8cf
Stinger 4ga 4000 Seriel Amp Kit
50 Amp Mini ANL Fuse
Monster THX-Certified RCA Cables
Dynamat 10435 Xtreme w/wood roller
6x8 to 6.5" Speaker Adapter

Much thanks
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