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How to contact Truck Source Diesel?

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So I just tried to send an email to the address listed on their website, [email protected]. My email got bounced back to me a minute later saying that the email address doesn't exist.
I know they have a phone number listed, but they're in Texas and I'm in Edmonton, Canada. So the long distance on my cell will be awful no matter whether I'm making or receiving the call.
Anyone have their current email address? Or know of an alternate way to contact them?
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call Chris B at the shop, much faster that way. There just arent enough hours in the day for them to get all the e-mails that bombard them.
Chris is part owner of the business, and does all the tuning for them. 24 hours in a day for him isnt enough to get to everyone in such a timely manner. They also just completely moved house into a new shop just over a month ago, and Theyre still not 100% all set up, and working non stop. Chris is a great guy and treats his customers very well if you dont pester him. its well worth any wait even if its a week or two to get a tune from him, he is simply great at what he does.

FYI his e-mail inbox frequently fills up, and quick. If you're out of the country I highly suggest buying a phone card and make the phone call
While I agree with you to a point, Unfortunately every company has some joe shmoe picking up a phone. You should also take note of how hard good help is to find. Sometimes you have to go through a couple sub par to find a good one. I've had issues with even getting a message relayed to Chris, while a pain in the ***, its understandable. Just gotta keep trying. Its worth the wait, Chris is top notch.
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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