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How to contact Truck Source Diesel?

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So I just tried to send an email to the address listed on their website, [email protected]. My email got bounced back to me a minute later saying that the email address doesn't exist.
I know they have a phone number listed, but they're in Texas and I'm in Edmonton, Canada. So the long distance on my cell will be awful no matter whether I'm making or receiving the call.
Anyone have their current email address? Or know of an alternate way to contact them?
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Good luck getting in touch with them dude. When I got my SPD tune from them it took a solid week tryin to get the tune ordered and another week before i received it. I have sent two people there way and both people have got sick of trying to get in touch with Chris and went with other peoples tunes. It really sucks that they can't get their customer service up to par because they do have some great tunes.
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