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How strong is the 4R100 in stock form?

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greenskeeper -- Recently bought 1997 F350

If you want it to last, keep it stock. Any chip will kill the E4OD transmission unless upgraded (assuming it's an automatic?)

I'm curious if the same Caveat is true for the '02 4R100 in the Excursions?

I bought the PHP Hydra, but have not got it installed.
My only interest is as a Daily Driver, with just a bit more MPG, and some extra oomph uphill while towing my 9,000 lb RV
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My experience with a 4R100 is that is a good transmission. I run a HyperTech programmer. I have run it normally on the 100HP setting. Runs good. Most of my driving is Daily, but I do pull a 5th wheel and the additional power helps. As to the transmission, it held up well. I've had the truck 17 years, 282k. @275k, I had to have the original trans rebuilt. That was after running the programmer most of those 17 years. After a 1000 mile break-in, I reprogrammed the truck and it's been fine as well. I AM 66 - so I don't romp on it - although once-in-awhile, some of my younger years come out and I mash the pedal. All has been good.
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The biggest killer of the E4OD and 4R100 is the way undersized transmission coolers. E4OD is even significantly smaller than the 4R100. The E4OD also only had a single disk converter. It wasn't until the later years of the 4R they went to a multi-disk.

A good tune will add line pressure to help hold the clutches better from slipping, causing heat.

Having a gauge or monitor is best when adding a tuner so you can keep an eye on your transmission temps.

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That is one of the best mods I did. Significantly dropped trans temps.
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Removing your bumper and grille would help getting in there easier. The trans cooler is between the A/C condenser and the engine radiator. You'll also need some 1/2" hose (for the 6.0L cooler) and some adapter connectors to go from the 1/2" hose to the 3/8" hose that goes to the transmission.
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