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Thanks 500hp seems a little much for me to feel safe without studs if its capable of making 500hp id want to run it at 450hp max. And people are using the same setup and making 500hp without studs is what your saying right?
Yes, or at least similar setups. Not saying it's an ideal setup, but people are doing it without too many problems. There's even a few running 250/200s without studs/springs. That starts really pushing limits though.

I want 238/100's because theyre capable of making more power than i want, so down the line i could get studs and maybe a bigger turbo and have more hp but wouldnt they be fine for a 38r if tuned correctly?
Yes, just make sure your tuner of choice knows you don't want a full fuel tune. I would even consider going to a 250/xxx. Cost is usually about the same, but will allow for a little more power later.

ya you could always have them de-tuned. so later down the road when you want more power you could just get new tunes.
id check out the new wicked wheel for the 38r too. i havent seen much on it lately but it looked like the results were good.

There is at least one truck at 600HP+ with a 38r with the WW G2. With 250/200s IIRC. Gained over 50HP from the WW.
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