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I know a few months back started to get SCT tunes i think.. Are many running it with success? Does your truck pass your state inspection? And are the tunes limited to F250s/350s or can you remove the dpf on an 08 superduty F550 and have it tuned too?

Seems darn near impossible to find what i want in a used "work truck". Im in no rush.

If i get an 08, i want the navigation built in though. I'd like a 12ft body and a crew cab but will settle for a smaller landscape body, 8-10 footer.

I'd like to ad on the nice step rails eventually, it has to be 4x4, cant be an XL with manual doors/windows, no way.

I'm seeing some descent deals now with fuel prices the way they are, 56k sticker F550s for $46k on truck trader. I see a fully decked out lariat crew cab 550 for 48k thats sticker is 58k without a body still.

I figured with the way the trucks arnt selling, im not in DIRE need of one, but will be getting one in the next 2 years anyway, a 58k sticker truck for 12-15k off sticker and adding a 7-9k landscape dump body on wouldnt hurt as much as
the full price truck at almost 60k and 10k+ for the body when theyre selling tons of them.

I however wouldnt buy an 08 though, since ive talked to other local companies who own one so far and most report much worse gas milage compard to the old 6.0s , not just because of the DPF on the 08s.

I get between 10-12mpg pulling most of our trailers.
Most f550 owners report those numbers empty with dump bodies and ~10mpg with some weight in them and 8-9mpg at best pulling any trailers.

One guy said hes averaging 7mpg some stop and go with his crew cab 08 , 8 footer dump body, some equipment in the bed and a 20' enclosed trailer. that sucks, i mean some old 30k trucks and school buses get 6-7mpg :(

What are your mileage improvements on the tune? I would have to have it inspected by a Ford dealer in NJ for a DOT cert each year. My f350 6.0L passes fine with a catless 4" silverline turbo back exhaust system.
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