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Navistar actually designed the engine, not International. International is a subsidiary of Navistar, but International did build it. This article doesn't even mention the fact that International warned Ford about pushing the 6.0L to market too quickly (they felt it needed more testing) but Ford wanted to beat their competitors to market (especially Chevy/GMC that year). So it got rushed out with some poorly thought out remedies for some of the problems that International said needed more work (namely the coolant system). This is why the original degas bottle had the generic (and inadequate) cap - but that was one of the cheapest problems to fix for a host of problems for what would become a huge coolant system headache for Ford.

The nice thing is that many years later, we now know how to fix/prevent many of the problems that occurred with this engine as a result of Ford's mistakes. Some are cheap (degas bottle cap), some are not.


And no modifications are required to run bio in a 6.0L. the only thing I ever installed was a silicone band heater on my old F-250, and it ran bio (B80) just fine with no issues. It is recommended to insulate your fuel system regardless (up to the water separator) and hook up your engine block heater, but that goes (IMHO) regardless.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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