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Horrible Cab noise on the highway

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i have a 2007 f-350 extended cab. Once i hit 65+mph it sounds like a helicopter is in my truck. Kinda like when your in a car and one open window cause in unbalanced affect. The drivers door feels like its gunna fall off and its so loud you cant even think and everything is shaking. Ive noticed the front tires have uneven wear on the inside and the outside so im thinking i need ball joints soon. Trucks got 96k and all ive done is changed the oil. But can ball joints cause that much chaos in the cab? Please help.:dunno:
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Depends on how bad they are. Is it like a pressure in the cab?

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I think the vibration causes the pressure effect. It shakes bad and the door starts to go in and out and starts to cause the helicopter effect. I can grab the door handle and pull it tight to stop it. The vibration is still there though. It dosnt matter weather the windows are up or down. Im just thinking maybe its the tire and ball joint combo. I didnt know if these trucks get bad door latches
Check your tires first. Since they are worn unevenly. My old ones got so bad that they started to bulge. Like I was driving with a square tire! Shook the whole truck violently. There is gotta be a good reason for the wear though, so get it checked!
im doing breaks this weekend so ill rip through the front end and see if i can find anything wrong.
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