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Hi Everyone. I have a 2008 f-250 diesel. 36k miles. Something happened, and dirt diesel or SOMETHING caused the hugh pressure fuel pump or something to completely die....

I think this has to do when my idiot brother put ethanol gas in to my diesel engine. (Dont let family drive your truck)

Anyways, so, they removed the tank, replaces fuel filters, etc, cleaned it out.. and then a month later, it died on the freeway. After investigation, they found rust, etc.. and they determined the high pressure pump was ruined. This is now costing me about $8500 at the dealer. Warranty wont cover it, buy insurance is going to.

Lesson learned. My question in....

Is this truck now completely f*** up for the future life of the engine? Should I now maybe buy a new 2011 / 2012 truck? or should I now be rest assured this engine has plenty of life left in it.. That is my questions? Should I sell this thing now? or stick with it? Will this ruin the life time value of the engine.

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