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Greetings All. Here is info, not a question, but curious if anyone has had same issue.
I bought my 2005 E350 Super Duty with 6.0 a few months ago, and it has pretty much been trouble free. I can see telltale signs that the motor has been removed in the past and suspect it had previous Oil Cooler etc. replaced but I have no details. FYI, I have a scan gauge and EOT vs. ECT is about 15 degree delta in hot weather at highway speeds.

But that is not today's problem. Yesterday, very cold in NJ (3 degrees), I had to drive about 100 miles and......what I assume is a high pressure Diesel fuel steel line that couples together with another steel line, the "clasp" disconnected, I was pumping raw diesel out, luckily, thankfully, caught it, a shop reconnected it, put a zip tie around the metal Clasp, now I'm hoping it holds and does not disconnect again. I'm lucky to be alive actually.

Has anyone ever experienced this before? Can the difficult to get to clasp be replaced, or do I need an entire new steel fuel line? Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, Gene
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