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High ECT* and EOT* after oil cooler replacement

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Hi, I'm new to powerstroke and also a noob to diesels... i have been researching here for the last 6 months iv owned my 04 f350... I had Deltas at 23* so i went ahead and got my egr delete (sinister) and oil cooler replaced... since then my scanguage2 at 65mph on flat over a 20mile drive with ambient temps of 105* my coolant was sitting at 215* and oil at 223*... I believe this to be to high and in this time i never heard my fan kick on... I then added to my scanguage the FSS (Fan Speed Sensor) and all im getting at 65mph with ECT at 211* and EOT at 220* was FSS at 420rpm... my question is this normal?

Nothing has been done to this truck other than oil cooler and EGR Delete...
Thanks Guys for all the help
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no, I am saying to monitor temps and see if they get higher. But chances are that they are about where they should be at the given ambient temp. Basically, dont stress over it but dont ignor or neglect it. Thats what I would do.
thanks for your help... just want you and everybody to know that my truck is running at 194 ect and 200 eot after replacing fan clutch... thanks for all your help everybody
great. glad to hear it.
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