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High ECT* and EOT* after oil cooler replacement

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Hi, I'm new to powerstroke and also a noob to diesels... i have been researching here for the last 6 months iv owned my 04 f350... I had Deltas at 23* so i went ahead and got my egr delete (sinister) and oil cooler replaced... since then my scanguage2 at 65mph on flat over a 20mile drive with ambient temps of 105* my coolant was sitting at 215* and oil at 223*... I believe this to be to high and in this time i never heard my fan kick on... I then added to my scanguage the FSS (Fan Speed Sensor) and all im getting at 65mph with ECT at 211* and EOT at 220* was FSS at 420rpm... my question is this normal?

Nothing has been done to this truck other than oil cooler and EGR Delete...
Thanks Guys for all the help
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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