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I just bought a 2016 F-350 SD XLT w/6.7L sitting at 71k miles. Pretty new to the whole forum thing. A week after buying it I had to dodge another car on the highway which resulted in getting into a fight with some blackberry briers, scotch broom, and I think a hazelnut bush? Could’ve been a lot worse for sure. Pretty much everything was able to be buffed out, only real damage was the plastic housing on my drivers side tow mirror. That’s when I found out how much $$ they cost. Ouch. I have already bought a manual everything replacement and am going to attempt to fix the breaks which are both of the dual arms. So other than a possible set of step by step instructions or better yet a video, I’m looking for some good advice/tips on what to, or what to not delete as the engine is completely stock, fuel additives, and just some good know how from some more experienced diesel owners. I like performance but like towing capabilities as well. Towing a 26’ travel trailer for camping on weekends if I get em. Apologies for the novel, and thanks in advance for anyone who could be of help!

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