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Hi All,
I have two 7.3 powerstrokes. a 95 E-350(First official production year after the 94 introduction from mechanically injected 7.3 and somewhat an animal unto itself so I have learned shortly after buying it a month ago), and an 01 4by super crew pickup(as i understand it the last year it was used in the superduty pickups).
Can someone give me some solid information on automatic transmission application and how it impacts the computer system on the 95 van. I know gone are the days of "if it bolts up, it'll work" when it comes to electronically controlled trannys. I would like to know if the tried and true Mechanical C-6 workhorse from the old 7.3 will bolt up and function properly as a replacement to the electronically controlled E4OD? or will it mess with or damage the ECU or cause engine functionality/performance issues since the computer won't get any transmission input signals? Please only post an answer to these questions as gospel if you have more than just a "well I heard of a guy across town" experience or definitive knowledge on this. Opinions are certainly welcome, but if you post an opinion or hypothetical probability please identify it as such. I am on a shoestring budget as is and the guy that sold it was less than honest on the auction listing and hightailed it out of there after I paid him so I was stuck with a project that has a lot of issues and don't have time for goose chases. But the van configuration is what I need so I am biting it and doing the repairs or mods as necessary. The tranny that is in this vehicle is E4OD and it shifts late and really hard, downshifts early and hard when I let off the throttle. And when I put it in reverse or L1 with foot on the brake the Torque converter clutch engages enough to kill the motor but doesn't seem to slip in forward motion. I'm looking for a diagnostics computer to pull codes to resolve this issue. I have already tried a filter change with no positive results, in the meantime any insight of likely culprits would be appreciated including the anyone that may have technical insight about Lucas tranny conditioner and it's positive and negative effects on a transmission and if it would resolve the symptoms as described. Is it just a snake oil that swells seals like what happens when you try to clean old rubber brake cylinder plungers in gasoline and cause more problems than it solves in the long run or is it a truly safe detergent and lube that will do what it claims and somehow stops seal leaks by depositing material without long term side effects.
thanks in advance for any useful information,
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