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Hi, Thanks for letting me come aboard! I just found your site but I hope to learn a lot about my 7.3 with only 200k and my just purchased 6.4 with only 147k.

I have had the 7.3 for several years but have just bought the 2008, 6.4 with most of the engine parts in the bed. At this point I have totally disassembled the 6.4 and am beginning to reassemble.

I need the torque specs for the rod bearings and oil pan today if I could get a link to it. I'm sure that you have several ways to get this and I knew if I could reach you guys that I would get the correct info.

All help is appreciated.
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welcome to the org
:ORG welcome:
i cant really help on torque specs for the 7.3 or 6.4 but i can give you a
and say welcome :D
there are a lot of really good guys here who know more about these trucks than most shops...
good luck man and welcome :D
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