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Hey guys,

I changed my steering box last week and went in for an alignment on Saturday. The guy told me my passenger side front wheel bearing would have to be changed before he could align it. Explains the noise in the front end occasionally.

So, ive been doing some digging on multiple forums and haven't found a how to or any detailed info on replacing the bearings. I'm going to go ahead and do both sides while I'm at it, so as far as I can understand...

I need to basically take everything off, the hub cover, and then all the nuts and clips that follow and lay them out in the order I pull them out in. My uncle has the castle socket to pull the nut off in there.

so now, questions.
There is an inner and outer wheel bearing, are they the same part?
Do you need an impact to remove the nuts, or will a breaker bar be enough?
Is there any way someone could provide the torque specs and the method for torquing down the bearing nuts?
A parts diagram for all the clips?
Any other special tools?
Any instructions on this would be helpful as well.

Ive done wheel bearings on a motorcycle before, but never a truck, especially a obs. I just would like to be as prepared as possible. Oh, and I did see something about a retaining clip that is easy to break, so I will keep an eye out for that.

If I can get some help on this, I may do a detailed write up to help future people who need to do the same. Thanks in advance!
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