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Hello, when i bought my truck (2005 F-250 4X4) both ABS sensors were bad, i didn't pay too much attention at the moment, but now i had to replace the front wheels bearing and bought the new sensors, my problem is that i can't find the harness on passenger side to connect the sensor, i remember it was there connected to the bad one when i got the truck, on driver side the harness is there but i can't find it on passenger side, around 4 months ago i took the truck to a shop to change the ball joints and I'm sure the harness is missing after that, i don't know if they put it aside or something and forgot to put it back but i can't find it, called the shop and they told me the mechanic who worked on my truck is not longer working with them, i attached 2 pictures from both sides, Please Help, where to look ?? Thanks.


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