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Hey y'all.. I have done my fair share of reading posts similar to problems I am having but haven't found anything exactly the same yet.

Some background.. I have a 2000 CCSB F250 7.3L with 190k mi.

Thursday morning I got off work and went out to my truck. It started like a champ. Drove 7 miles, turned off the truck, went inside a store, came back out 5 minutes later and the truck wouldn't start. It would crank hard and fast but never fully turn over. Tried and tried for 20 min before finally after wiggling some wires around around fuse panel and under dash, it started.

Drove home with no problems. Tested it out once home and every other time it would start or it wouldn't start. No rhyme or reason. That evening hooked it up to a scanner and couldn't find any unusual codes. I did notice it would start if I fully waited for the WTS light to turn off and continued to wait until I heard a *click*. Weird. Side note.. A previous owner has rigged a fuse bypass/switch to location 30 of my fuse panel. According to owner's manual this is responsible for the PCM relay coil, IDM relay coil, fuel heater, and wastegate solenoid. I have included a pic of the wires going into the fuse panel where the 30 amp fuse should be. Guess this was someone's idea of an anti theft switch hidden under dash. I flipped the switch off then back on, making sure it was fully in the correct position. Truck then started up fine. All night. Started up fine Friday morning. Friday afternoon. And Friday evening. Friday night, went to get some fuel - wouldn't start at the pump! After some wiggling of wires, it started. During all of this, instrument cluster is lighting up like normal.

After getting it home and inspecting wires, fuses, connections - it was noticed that there was one pin in the PCM that was bent. It was carefully bent back and plugged back in. Wires were inspected more but now the truck wont start at all!!!!! The WTS light will NOT come on anymore. The rest of the instrument cluster is lighting up fine but no WTS. UGH.

What could be going on? Bad PCM? CPS? IPR? ICP?

I've only put 3k miles on the truck since I've been owner. In that time, fuel filter has been replaced (which was found to be in upside down!!), and glowplugs. Plus it has a new battery.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks, Katelin


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