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HELP Steering making crazy noise

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i just put on a steering stabilizer about 2 months ago.
the bilsteins with a bds mount. they look to be even and all.

but my truck makes a funny noise i think its something to do with the power steering but it makes a garggling noise when my wheel is a certain way. when the truck is in park it will make the noise when its turned a little( the wheel). i have to turn it left or right to get it to stop making the noise. then it eventually seems to get back to the spot. I have no idea what is going on?
when i put the steering stabilizer on i put it no when the truck was on the ground. the wheel was straight but there is some play in my wheel. is it possible it was actually turned a little and now the stabilizers are keeping it turned a little bit. but the the wheel is straight?? or something like that?

steering box? power steering? any ideas


( i run 38 by 15.50s so there could be some wear lol)
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