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Help removing Full headlight assembly on OBS 1997 F250

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I have a 1997 OBS F-250 that needs a new headlight assembly because of a recent fender bender. If anyone has any tips on removing it i appreciate it because i tried taking it of today and i couldn't find out how. :(

Thanks in advance,
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i have an easier way on the lights, take the whole plastic peice off, its like 12 or 14 nuts i wanna say 14mm maybe? but take those out and the whole panel pulls rite off, the head lights have 3 tabs on back that will just pop out if you twist them a bit, im swapping the lights on my ext cab with my crew cab, i will do a write up tonight with pictures in a couple hours
here ya go, i did this with removing from one of my 97's and installing on my other 97

hope it helps
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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