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Help removing Full headlight assembly on OBS 1997 F250

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I have a 1997 OBS F-250 that needs a new headlight assembly because of a recent fender bender. If anyone has any tips on removing it i appreciate it because i tried taking it of today and i couldn't find out how. :(

Thanks in advance,
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Two screws in the top chrome trim, then two nuts directly behind the lower orange turnsignal nut (back side of the light, other side of the core support.) You may want to coat these nut with about a gallon of PB blaster because almost always the studs will try to twist out of the light insted of the nut coming off the stud. Once all the lights are removed the parking lamp and tunsignal lights should come out as an assembly. Then three of those clips hold the headlight in. Thier is a small nub on the top of those clips so they have to be pulled away from the header pannel a bit the pulled striaght up. These are a major PITA and are no longer used for a reason. They SUCK! I had a little luck twisting those curled pieces away so it pulls of a bit easier but it still sucks. With some paitence they come out.
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i have an easier way on the lights, take the whole plastic peice off, its like 12 or 14 nuts i wanna say 14mm maybe? but take those out and the whole panel pulls rite off, the head lights have 3 tabs on back that will just pop out if you twist them a bit, im swapping the lights on my ext cab with my crew cab, i will do a write up tonight with pictures in a couple hours
@351fifty Thanks that would be helpful, send me a link when you are finished if you don't mind.
here ya go, i did this with removing from one of my 97's and installing on my other 97

hope it helps
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