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I have a an 04.5 with studs already but have a blown hg. I've only owned the truck a short time but think she's been rode hard and put away wet a few to many times. I have a knock that I shouldn't.

I'm doing the new hg here soon but wanted to get a few opinions on parts. My goal is to only spend my $ once so I want to do it right the first time.

Truck is my dd and weekend toy. I pull a trailer every once in awhile but nothing over 10k. I would like to be in the 500-700 hp range and get good economy as well. I drive harder than most and want to beat the Hell out of a couple local mustangs on sat nite.

I'm only doing the heads at this point but want to make sure I get the right parts. Might even do the fuel system while I'm in there this time.
Heads-? (China pro maxx or not)

Any help or direction would be great.

Current mods
New oil cooler
New built tranny
Sinister egr delete
Sinister coolant filter
Updated pipes and plugs
Updated turbo feed and drain
Blue spring kit
Updated stc
Updated ipr
58v ficm
Sct ts with custom tunes

My further plans for the truck are
Warren 190s
Driven diesel reg fuel system
Turbo(no idea the direction there)
And hopefully a real nice bottomend if time will allow b4 the motor pops.
Fast 150
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