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Trying to get some help getting my truck up and running.


got a egr code, checked the egr value, total locked up with coke. Cleaned reset code, tripped again three days later, installed new value, tripped again next week. Noticed that the intake was damp, and had minor coolant loss, got new egr cooler and installed, now the truck wont start. was running fine before replacing egr cooler

new coolant, oil /air filters

fuses checked all good
fuel bowl burped and is filling fine
batteries were dieing quickly- batteries load tested and replaced
oil gauge in cab showing pressure with in three seconds of cranking
FICM- tested voltage at 4th pin ----48 volts

Auto Enginuity Scan Tool Total Ford Bundle(ST06 & EI01) (SP03) ordered trying to understand results as truck not running

When the engine cranks- after cycling the glow plugs three times engine acts like it wants to catch but won't get lots of white smoke heavy fuel smell, then it is done won't even try to catch next time.
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