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Everything out there is worth it..........for the right price.
In this case not for $12,500.
I see those flood vehicles & what they go for, every day.
The dealer got that truck at the auction for no more than $3,000 (I guaranty you that). So after they "inspected it" & changed a few things......say, no more than $500........that makes it $3500. Give them another $500 for obtaining a "rebuilt title" witch only licensed dealers can......they are in it for $4,000.
Add another $2,000 for overhead & profit.........that is $6,000.....YOUR PRICE.
Where did the $12,000 come from....???
They re looking for a Victim (someone with no credit, no cash) and most likely looking to do an "in house financing"........cause no bank will touch that loan.
I know alot of guys will raise their hands & say "Sh!t man....thats me".
Id say, they re better off without a truck.
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