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Help Identifying Aftermarket Brush Grill/Bumper - 2013 F250

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Hi There - I have a 2013 6.7L Power Stroke. I purchased over a year ago used and it had an aftermarket bumper/brush grill installed at the time of purchase. I was recently in a minor accident and the body shop is looking to replace the bumper. I'm having trouble locating the exact same brush guard on the internet, so I was hoping someone on this forum can help me from past experience. I've attached a picture of the grill that I took awhile back.


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looks like a road armor bumper.
RA has a big cut out with their name, right?
Thought the same thing when I went to the website. At first glance it does have the large Logo on the website, but the customer photo does not have the big cut out. And it is the brand that looks the closest so far, but not exact. Missing a cross bar by the headlights. But I don't mind the difference. Super helpful - thank you!
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Good luck on the replacement.
It's a FabFour, their original bumper. It's a solid bumper but one of the most expensive on the market.
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