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Full rebuild 5R110........Current

Heavy duty clutch kits
New pump
Billet 2200 stall triple disk converter
All new OEM solenoids
Per recommendation replaced the performance valve body that was installed "i'll explain later", with an OEM one
Custom tuning for the 2200 stall

Deep breath....

First rebuild 02/19
Transmission was "rebuilt" 3500 miles ago by a local transmission shop. Transmission was supposed to be full billet and able to hold 1000-hp. Transmission shop had the truck for 3 months, trans. got pulled 4 times trying to figure out why the direct clutches were being burned out almost instantly after repair. Shop replaced PCM, TCM, harness and then with the backing of the local Ford dealer blamed the custom tuning.
Purchased new tuner/tunes........truck lasted 50 miles and smoked clutches. Reached out to another local shop to try to figure this issue out. Second shop called and told me the bad news, no bolts torqued, no billet parts other than the torque converter, parts in backwards, chevy shims instead of Ford, no updates and a performance valve body.

Second rebuild 6/19
Transmission was again overhauled by shop 2. Updates done, correct shims installed, and heavy duty clutches. Now not enough money in the budget after being swindled by shop-1 for billet input, intermediate, flex-plate an overpriced stage-1 build is what I was left with.
Within 2000 miles the shop-1 torque converter failed. Luckly a buddy "who owns a performance shop", gifted me a stock converter that had 75k on it. That got me back on the road...........for 1500 miles until my TCC solenoid took a **** and smoked it.

Third rebuild 3/20
List is at the beginning of the post. Reached out to a Powerstroke guru from the South East for direction. Per his recommendation he suggested removing the aftermarket performance valve body and go strictly OEM with all parts and pieces. So now i'm billet triple disk TC 2200 stall, heavy duty clutches, custom tuned with no additional billet parts. Transmission shifted smoothly and all was good for the first 200 miles. Driving normal acceleration, trans temp 172, shifts 1-3 fine but cannot shift into 5th " no bucking or jerking " just free spins/revs. No codes, no wrench light. I immediately babied it home and had it towed to the transmission shop. Trans came out, everything internally seemed fine, all the new solenoids ohm'd out fine. Transmission shop flushed system again just to make sure no debrit was causing the issue. took the truck home and again it ran great for........... 277 miles. Same issue is now happening.
The 5R110 is on paper a very robust transmission. With the time and MONEY i've spent fixing this thing is beyond frustrating.
Has anyone dealt with an issue similar to this. Is there something internally happening that's making the transmission think it has a solenoid issue and locking that solenoid.
Just to silence the critics, obviously in hind sight I could have bought a stage 4 Warren or ATS twice for what I have into this thing. I'm in a legal battle with the first shop in small claims so hopefully I can recoup some if not all of the first build.
Should I have not followed the Guru's advice going with the non-performance valve body or modified solenoids? Truck is about 650 hp and prepped for dual fuelers.. Everything i've read and researched says after 550 hp your on borrowed time................

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500/550 plus needs upgrades. So youre not wrong there.

5R isnt a tricky transmission.
Who are your tunes from? Have you contacted them?

Either shop do any on road testing.

Both shops sound incompetent to me.

Youre buddy that owns a shop, he look at itnyet?
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