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Help: 6.7 tuners

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I just purchased a 2012 f250 6.7. It has been deleted ( def, egr ect.) It doesn’t have a monitor/tuner so I’m not sure what program it’s got. My question is, can I buy I tuner and plug it in and override what tune it has? Thanks!
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Why dont you tell us what you are trying to do... why would you want to override anything if its working fine as is?

Dont confuse a programer with a monitor, if you just want the screen then you can certainly buy it and plug it in with no issues.
The tuning itself is illegal and you cannot buy new programers with delete capabilities and you will need a shop to provide you with a custom "off road" tune.
I was wanting to be able to set my temps, perimeters, boost ect
All you need is this, and its simply plug and play.

and also be able to change to tow, street or performance.
This is where you start complicating things, and you will need one of these:

AND a custom tune.
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