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HELP 6.0 died due to bad needle bearing roller lifter / getting reman from ford

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I'm at a ford dealer and they have pulled the LPOP off and it was all chewed up and they drained the oil and lots of metal pieces in it. They are tearing the engine down in the next day or so to be 100% sure but all the techs say it's the needle bearing and I'll need a new engine. I guess they've seen several had one just last month.The tech says he's going to fight for a whole engine not just a short block. This is also under warranty since I have the 200,000 diesel care. This is a 2007 F550 that is always under a very heavy load. It's has 146,000 miles and is maintained only by Ford. My main question is should I be getting a whole new motor/reman or just the short block? I've lost so much work because of this engine over the years I just want whats right and don't want to be taken advantage of. I'm no mechanic myself so any advice would be great? Also any thoughts on the reman motor and quality? Thanks in advance. Also thank you all for so much for great info on here I've learned more than I ever thought I would!
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It will be covered under warranty. Im just wondering if their are some things that may have been damaged and not replaced if they only do the short block? If so I want to be able to make some valid points as to why they should do the long block. Glad to hear the quality is good though. Thanks.
I was going to stud it and Ford says if I do anything to the engine it could void the warranty including the studs. I had planned on doing a lot to the engine like BPD oil cooler, EGR cooler, exhaust, Coolant filter, oil bypass, studs,switch to ELC coolant etc since my warranty was going to end in 2014 but now since I've had a lot of of problems with this engine over the years and this time it completely died. I've lost a lot of faith in it. I had thought the problems were fixable with what I planned on doing but this problem could happen again at 146,000 miles even with all my upgrades.I'm not sure I want to sink a bunch of money into it especially since I'll have a new two year warranty. I'm thinking about doing nothing to it and just sell it or trade it in a year or two but definitely before the warranty is up. It's just left me stranded too many times over the years and I go way overboard on maintenance to have the problems I've had. Heck in the last five months I've got a new intake manifold,alternator,batteries,thermostat,oil cooler,turbo,egr cooler,egr valve and I'm sure more I cant think of. I see a 6.7 in my future if Ford doesn't try to screw me over on this one. I just hate the the thought of more truck payments but I hate the thought of breaking down and no warranty also. Sort of damned if I do and damned if I don't' you know.
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I wish I had more faith or trust in Ford but I think they would do whatever they could to get out of a warranty and I really don't want to with deal a legal battle at some point.That being said I still may stud it and do the coolant filter if they do the short block but if they do the long block I won't pay the extra money and labor for studs on it since I'll be getting rid of it next year. It looks like a long block comes with a 2 year warranty and short block only a 1 year. I'm thinking of selling or trading it in next year so it would be worth more in a trade or sale if it still had a year of warranty left on it. I love BFD products just don't want to spend the money for only a year of use and if the engine blows up without them then Ford can put another engine in. They should just install BFD products from factory and we would all be much happier :)
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