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2001 excursion 7.3 diesel. I have no reverse or neutral.

Changed out the valve body. Ripped the gasket. Started replacing the gasket and all those balls fell out.
Looked online about where to place them. Said i should have 8 balls but I had 9....? I think the late 90s tranny had 9 balls right?
Anyways, put in the balls back with Vaseline and put the solenoid pack back in.....I think it snapped (reconnected) all the way back in.

Refilled the tranny. Also installed the hydra php chip. dont know if it has anything to do with it and added the mitchmoto trans cooler (maybe it needs more fluid?)
Drove her for awhile, check engine light came on.
Got home to back in the driveway......No reverse. No neutral.
I had both BEFORE i did all of this.

PO743 , PO750, PO755

Only thing i can think of is I didnt place the balls in the right area or the solenoid isnt fully connected? I have no idea.
Could the hydra php cause issues with the PCM?
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