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Howdy Folks, I will try and keep this short but include as much information that is pertinent.
As this is my first post i will include a bit about myself, i have been lurking the forums for the past year as i am now a proud owner of a 2002 F350 7.3L drw. This is the first truck i have owned as we (the family) have never needed a rugged vehicle in the past, we made the decision to change career paths for a more rustic lifestyle in the country so we decided on the workhorse to pull our 32ft goose neck trailer and eventual RV.

This has been a great community to follow and learn from over the year and i greatly appreciate the opportunity of soaking up knowledge and eventually look forward to being able to contribute with acquired knowledge and experience.

Things in order that i replaced/upgraded with the truck since our purchase;
New batteries, fluids change
Edge monitor (will upgrade to be able to tune for towing once the truck is ready) I wanted to read the codes if any were present and there were two. (P0603,P0741)
Replaced shocks all around, leafs upfront (old ones were sagging) and added airbags in the rear.
Brake job all around.
4" turbo back exhaust.
S&B intake.
Tires all around.

Loving the truck at this point, (9-11 PSI WOT, 3-5 PSI everyday driving) peppy but not fast. No new codes where showing up and it was time to deal with the issue that has been present from the beginning. Since ive owned the truck the transmission overdrive light would start blinking after about 5 minutes of driving over 45mph the truck would then start to shift hard. After some digging i concluded that the solenoids and or TC where tired so i have brought the truck to a reputable transmission shop in my area to have them diagnose and confirm and replace the TC/solenoids while they were working on the truck i asked for them to install the Mishimoto transmission cooler that i was holding on to for a warm day to install and figured why not have them do it at the same time.

Last Friday i went to pick the truck up before heading to work the first thing i noticed while driving is that the truck felt gutless and i could not feel any boost, i did not have my monitor with me when i picked it up and had to drive straight to work. I called the transmission shop when i reached work to let them know something is off to which they replied drop it back off and we will look it over in case we missed a connection. When i got home that evening i plugged in my monitor and here are all the codes that were thrown.

As i now understand most of these codes indicate the trans harness was left unplugged but the truck shifted nicely 1-2-3-4 so maybe old codes that were not cleared.

I went for a short drive and noticed the turbo was showing 0 PSI. I dropped the truck back off this morning at the transmission shop.

The shop just called me back and said they have looked over all the connections and everything looks good on their end, "Its driving nicely other than not having any boost"

I know this can be completely un-related to what the shop has worked on but the timing is suspicious as it was running great until i dropped it off.

Any suggestions on where to start will be immensely appreciated!

Thank you very much.

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I am about to get the truck back, i have assembled an intake boost leak tester and will start there.

If anyone has any other hints to what direction i should look into that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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Have you checked all the up-pipes? Is it possible they messed with them when they pulled / installed the trans? Any sounds of an exhaust leak?

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Thanks SuperCrutyPs
I will check them as soon as i get hands back on the truck tomorrow.

I have checked for the scorched look indicating leaking up pipes and it is hard to tell whats oil and what is exhaust soutre.
I need to get that engine bay cleaned out, anytime i am under there i end up in blackface/body =-(

When they called me back he confirmed that they did not need to mess with anything exhaust/intake related when dropping the trans.
(unless the engine shifts when the trans is removed? but even then the manifolds should move with the engine and not be stressed?)
They said that they double checked everything was buttoned up as it should.

I understand things break when they do, i don't want to blame them for coincidence i would much rather learn more about the truck and become more comfortable with it.

Its so loud lol and i am ashamed to say that i am still learning the trucks tune that it is not evident to me yet. I will have my wife give it some throttle and i will listen from under the hood.
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