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Heated Seat wiring???

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I am replacing my non heated leather bench seats (40/20/40) with heated leather bucket seats and console from a 2002 F250. I have the original wiring connector so connecting properly to the seats is not problem. I also have a wiring diagram that is "almost" exactly what I need. My seats have a "heated seat control module" although I keep seeing mention of a "heated seat relay". Did the module replace the relay at some point? I can not find a "heated seat relay" anywhere. I have also hooked up the heated seats directly to a 12v source per the wiring diagram. (Want to test before I install) With the 12v power source:
1. I do not get a yellow "power light on" when the heated seat control button is pushed although I do get the yellow on light to flash momentarily.
2. The seats to not heat up (since I do not have a power light on I would not expect the seats to heat up).
3. Is the heated seat control module looking for an additional signal (i.e. a seat belt connected) before it will energize? My drawing does not show this but it would make sense.

Any and all help is much appreciated.
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Running down wiring but with the heated seat control module, it is a bit difficult:bump:
Update to Heated Seat Wiring

If one of you Ford Techs want to jump in here, feel free. I have my wiring narrowed down to:

wire color:
Dk green-12v supply to power seat adjustment motors(drivers)
Blk/wh-12v supply to power seat adjustment motors (passenger)
Rd/Blk-12v supply to heated seat modules (drivers and passenger)
Lt bl/pk-goes to heated seat module (this varies from my wiring diagram as it shows the lt/pk wire common to both drivers/passengers heated seat modules AND both drivers/passengers control switches, but this is not the case.
Brn/lt. blu-this goes to drivers side seat belt buckle.
Black-Common/12v ground

With power to seat motors, the motors and controls work fine. I still feel that the blu/pk wire and brn/lt. blu wire are key and connected to the seat belt controls somehow. Anyone?? Thx
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