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Head studs (7.3L),, Motor Works, Inc., Spokane, WA aka Engine Works

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I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience at all with I need to order some head bolts & they're so expensive, I really want to be sure there's good business out there.

I bought an 'engine' for my 7.3 liter 1995 Powerstroke through Cascadia International in Yakima, WA 2 years ago with a 36 month warranty. That hot run 36 month warranty box was check marked as applicable to my engine by someone when that warranty was handed to me. The warranty says DIESEL WARRANTY with a couple small exclusions regarding the 6.0, but ZERO exclusions re: my 7.3. I've attached this WARRANTY cover to show others the warranty cover does say DIESEL WARRANTY.

I drove my truck very little in 2 years & took very good care of it. My truck is for hauling an RV, takes a lot of diesel, & that is why it was used so litte too. I only acquired 3000 miles when it started overheating on very little 3 mile or 10 mile drives. I had never even took it over the Cascade Mountains to Seattle, no long drives ever. At 3,028 miles, water was discovered all over the valves & valve covers, seemed like a head gasket hadn't been seated properly or something on the passenger side at factory, something, not sure what. I don't believe they're reconditioning the head & there may be cracks, something like that. Why something remanufactured would go down so easily so quickly with very little mileage, there has to be a factory issue somewhere here.

I received a NASTY call last week from Motor Works, Inc., in Spokane, WA, formerly Engine Works, Inc., someone named Steve told me they have absolutely NO warranties on any diesel engines whatsoever, & there is a witness present to this entire speakerphone call. He told me my warranty is something Cascadia International created, but I told him Cascadia's name is no where on it, but Motor Works, Inc.'s name is all over the warranty I have (attached for all to see). My warranty cover says DIESEL WARRANTY so why would he tell me they have no warranties for ANY "DIESEL" engines whatsoever? He also told me my engine is a "PART" & not an "ENGINE." They took my engine that ran & gave me a reman that does not run. My engine just could not haul things, but it was still a good around town engine with some blowby that RAN, it needed to be fixed, but it RAN. So, I called Cascadia International & told them Motor Works, Inc., was telling me Cascadia International gave me an invalid Motor Works, Inc., warranty. This INTERNATIONAL engine office that got me this INTERNATIONAL engine from Motor Works said they refuse to work with Motor Works, Inc., any longer because they're burning too many customers. Everywhere I went mechanics refused to help because Motor Works, Inc., they said, is bad business & does not pay for work or known defects discovered, & then goes on to certify those discovered defects do not exist once an engine is returned to them. Motor Works, Inc., has a bad name all over this Northwest area for not helping anyone with shoddy work they're putting out. Does anyone know what can be done about something wierd like this? It is complicated, I don't have much $ to fight things, but want to have it put together with new head studs so I'm also checking for good company information on those head studs regarding because I'm getting burned too much, really. It is surprising how many con artists are out there. My engine didn't come with the injectors, things like that and was to move us to the southwest w/our rv, but the rv & we are stuck in a park & can go no where. I had to move into the rv to pay the engine & rv off to go to the Southwest, now I'm starting over & I'm not going anywhere at all at this moment! I am typing this to try to help others. We need to stick together & get the word out where our money will not be spent well & where it can be!


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