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I am new to the site and look forwad to learning alot from yall.

I tried to find my problem in the other posts but nothing really seemd to cover it allso here goes.

I have a 01 F250 4x4 with 97k. I was pulling my TT the other day and it took 1/4 tank to pull it on flat ground about 40 miles. I have pulled a few heavy loads and nothing has sucked up the diesel like that. The tranny temp never got hot but it seemed to not want to shift until I would let off of the peddle just for a second. I also had plenty of power until around 60 -65 mph then it was like there was nothing left. I was running around 2500 RPM at 60-65 mph. If I wanted to get any more speed out of it the turbo would start blowing loudly and I would actually start slowing down and then the turbo or something else under the hood would start squeeling until I let off. On the way back home the truck used almost 1/2 tank for the same 40 mile trip with the same symptoms. I called the dealership for a drop off this week but I wanted to ask some real diessel guys for help before turning it over to them.

I am by no means a motor head but I do keep up with the normal maint on the truck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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