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Hard starting

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Can someone give me a clue here: This is where my 99 7.3 is at. I had a lot of issues with it, fixed what I felt was wrong with it which now when it starts it seems to run fine. Things I have done so far in the past week:
Changed all and upgraded injectors from Diesel Force.
Changed wiring harness in valve covers
Installed tuner
Installed new glow plugs
At that point the truck ran like a dream and than after a week I could only start it on starting fluid.
Checked the internet (You Tube) and the way the truck was sounding to someone's else truck I went and changed out the icp sensors.
I found two wires that might have been touching so I taped those bare wires also.
Now the truck starts and runs fine when it starts but it seems to only start if I roll it over and stop and crank it over again as fast (Within a 1/2 second) as possible till it starts.
If I keep cranking it on the first try it won't start either
If I give it a few seconds between cranks it wont start either
Does this mean I have some sort of pressure leak either fuel or oil that won't let the injectors fire till pressure is built up by re-cranking the engine within a split second of the previous cranking session.
I also installed new glow plugs. The check engine light came on but now is off. I don"t if those two wires that I taped were throwing the check engine light since I am not sure they were touching in the first place.
Any clues what I could be looking for? I have a appointment to take it to a diesel mechanic tomorrow morning, but now I don't know if it makes any sense if the engine light is no longer on. I don't want to be paying if it going to be just a guessing game with no engine light on.
Thanks in advance
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is the starter turning Fast Enough?

poor battery cable connections,or just a "tired starter motor" ?
Batteries at Full Charge?

a Denso Starter is you need one
I stole all of this info from the "internet" most of it from this forum.

If you want a good starter, get a PowerMaster 9051 or a GENUINE Denso TG228000-8420 from a reputable company like CNC fabrication.


I had the Powermaster on mine and it was working perfectly until the solenoid wire came loose inside. Powermaster offered to repair it free of charge. I bought the Denso to keep me going until the Powermaster. They are both excellent starters.

How to install it


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