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H&S Mini Maxx for my 2015 6.7

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Let me start by saying my name is Kenneth and I’m from good ole Louisiana. I’m new to the site and been trying to figure out how to update/fix the mini maxx I just got yesterday. When I plugged it up it said it was still linked to the previous truck so I paid the $50 to get it unlinked. I pressed the selection for my 2015 and it did it. Then I clicked the the update firmware and crap and says it’s unable to do things. I’m trying to figure out the update I can download and put on my SD card to where I can get this mini maxx working.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone can point me in the right direction and give me the info to get this mini maxx updated to where i can set the tune and delete my dpf and straight pipe my truck and get better mpg!

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Yea I downloaded that update and put it on my SD card and that’s what my mini maxx is telling me now. I’m just wondering if someone has the last update the company did and can put their SD card on their computer and copy ALL the data and send it to me to where I could put it on my SD card and try to see if my mini maxx will work. Im not sure if I did it wrong and downloaded and put the mini maxx V2 on my mini maxx (I don’t know if my mini maxx is V1 and I put the wrong data on my SD card or something). So trying to see if someone can send me their data from their SD card to try to get my mini maxx to work.
Hello Kenneth,

Don't know if this will help or not, (link is in english, seems fairly current and has a 'contact' page);

I downloaded the v2 and put it on my SD card and put the SD card on my mini maxx and it is saying that error code thing (pic I posted). So I’m not sure if that V2 is for my mini maxx or not. I’m not sure if my mini maxx is V1 or V2. 🤦🏼‍♂️ that’s why I’m trying to see if someone has their data update saved on their computer and could maybe email it to me or something to where I could put that data on my SD card and try to make it work. 🙏🏻
It appears that the V1 version is no longer supported, so possibly that is your problem (especially if you downloaded V2 files on a V1 version)?

How do I figure out if mine is V1 or V2? I’m not 100% sure. But I did the V2 update and tried it and it’s saying the error. Just not sure if I did something wrong and need someone’s complete files off the SD card to put onto my SD card and try it again.
I was looking at my tuner and I can’t find an “about” tab that would give that info. I’d like to know what version mine is now. 😂🤣😂
😂😂 I totally agree. I wish I could have seen the version mine is to where I would have known not to do the V2 if mine is the V1. But I guess I’ll figure it out somehow. 🤷🏼‍♂️ hopefully someone can copy all the files that are on their SD card and email it to me to where I could redo my SD card with files that I would 100% know works on the persons mini maxx. Lol I’m praying someone could do that for me soon and I’m praying it works to where I can do the delete and everything on it to try to get me better MPG! Lol got a 6-8 inch lift with 26s and 37s and it says I make around 13mpg on the interstate. Not 100% sure if that’s what I get but that’s what it says. So I got the mini maxx with hopes of being able to hook it up and it working right then and there lol but I had to spend $50 extra bucks on it to get it unlocked and then I seen that it said it needed to get updated to be able to do so the tunes on it. It let me turn my tire light off and let’s me check for codes and stuff but can’t do the tunes because of the files on the SD card I guess.
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