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I have a 02; 7.3L that I recently had an ATS trans installed in with the 5 disk converter and billet shafts throughout.

Running and shifting great !!!! until.....

I went out yesterday and the starter is grinding on initial morning start ?!?!

Starter feels loose. Go to tighten and the bolts are tight ?

Turns out that the cast aluminum mounting plate between the transmission and motor that provides the mounting area for the starter is broken in two places, and the starter was ready to fall out.

I need help.

What is this piece called ?
Where can I get one ? How $ for a decent used one....

In everyones opinion is it fair to think the shop that installed the trans may have caused the issue ? Simple question, cause I an in NJ and shop labor rates are very high.

Any help is appreciated !!:confused::doh:
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