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Okay so heres how I did the HUD Mod...

I went to the junk yard and bought an old dash... (Grey)
got one of my old Android Smart Phones

cut out a hole in that dash slightly smaller than the phone's screen

then had a friend fiber glass me a pocket to hold the phone in the
position i want it in the dash......

I also ordered an Ballistic phone case (10.00 on ebay) and used that as a "shock absorber" / trim piece around the home in the dash....

ran a USB charging cord to the "pocket" and perm. attached it to the phone. then hard wired a USB charge port in the ash tray (behind it)
now the phone has constant power.

Before I shut the service down on the OLD android phone I downloaded from the Market an ap called


went in to the settings in the ap and set it to be used as a reflected display.

I ordered off ebay a mirrored film screen protector for an I phone I placed that on my wind shield with the mirror side facing the phone screen... Take your time its tricky to be right on with it..

(tip::: Use a dry erase marker at night to mark where the image shows up on your dash... (the outer areas of the image) then the next day clean the area inside those lines very good... then apply the Mirrored film screen protector) when your done the dry erase marker just wipes off )

If you choose to you can also add some plexiglass over the phone display screen to help protect it but I just used the clear screen protector that was already on my old phone...

its a nice tight fit... looks fairly nice...

down side is.. doesn't work during the day to well but at night you cant beat it...

this ap on the market even has GPS on it, so as you drive it will show the street your on, and the date and time... Plus it has an ECO gauge that you can adjust... to help you extend your fuel milage by watching the rate at witch you accelerate while driving...

just be sure to adjust the settings BEFORE you install the dash... LOL

since this is the first time I have seen this done on a Powerstroke...

Do you guys think we can call it the "Gunny HUD Mod"

kinda like the Harpoon Mod, the Hutch Mod and such?

Id be willing to set this up for some one and take pics of the step by step... I just didnt do it on my intitial set up as it was trial and error...

oh yea.. if you want to leave your phone on your plan, you can use it as a turn by turn GPS on your windshield... and instead of permanently housing it in the pocket you can also make the pocket a little larger than your phone, run a charging cable in to the pocket from under the dash... with a little over, and you can use it to put your current smart phone in the pocket and charge it at night while your driving and still have the HUD Feature....

Just a little type up on the "Gunny HUD Mod" if you have any questions please feel free to ask and or PM me and I will help...


PS: I will be offering to do these mods for people, so they are plug n play ready... just install the dash and plug in the power cable and your ready to go...

if your interested let me know...

There will be a discount for the first HUD mod I do for a member as I will be taking step by step pics for the forum...


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Pretty cool, pictures a little fuzzy but u get the gist of it. Plus I can look up the app to see what it does. Shame it isn't really visible during the day.

Try to get a picture of the dash mid, is like to see that as well.

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added some pics of the mod.... sorry it looks a little crappy but it was too bright outside....
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