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So I bought a set of the gs gauges and installed them in my truck yesterday.

I hear a lot of people on here complaining about the cheesy look or they spin around in the pillar pods. (it would be that the pillar pod is not the same size not the gauges itself.

Ive had a lot of different gauges from the high dollar autometer and afco's that I run in my late models. But I must say these are by far the brightest gauges I have owned. (black face 7 color) and yes I have had the cobalt series autometer etc and I would say they are very comparable .

Anyway problem I have is I did not hook up my dimmer switch because its not that big of a deal to me, but for some reason the gauge color that I last choose does not save. so when I start up the truck one will be saved in green, and the other 3 are blue. Now the 3 blue ones will change to green. But I dont know why/how to get them to save to the green.

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