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Engine & electrical

1995 7.3 PSD, 224,000 mi., sat for 6 yrs.
Checked all fluids after changing water pump (leaked out weep hole)
Cranked several times, white smoke, swap out CPS and batteries, put new batteries on overnight charge, plug in engine block heater overnight. Starts and runs like its still new. Ordering deep reduction starter to swap out factory one. Swapped original starter out @ 100k. Replacement has 114k on it, beginning to drag. Had several simple electrical issues (plugs and wire connections) that were easy (for me) to repair. Swap out ignition lock cylinder, key was sloppy (lock failure) able to be started without key. Vehicle has updated diagnostic port (ODB-II) firmware. R&R vacuum pump, headlamp assy's and five new tires. Have to postpone A/C system service & repairs for a few months.

This forum is an excellent resource for E4OD transmissions having forgotten just about everything I learned working a Ford fleet. Had identical shift problems others were describing elsewhere in the forum. Got Forscan & their EX data link, went to work sorting out DTC codes one a time. Trans wouldn't pull (bogging, wouldn't pull in O/D but did in 2nd, 1st & reverse. Swapped out trans range sensor, same problem, start over, located problem at the shift lever. R&R TRS, used small crescent wrench to rotate gear selector shaft through entire range, detentes work fine, set it for park, then rotated through each position one more time, lubed shift cable assy with silicon spray. Also, replace column shift lever bushings (light coat of silicon grease applied inside), easy to do if you take time and go slow. Ran oil pressure diagnostics, trans oil pressures pass. Run Forscan bi-weekly to check for codes.

Steering column bushings & shift indicator cable bracket:

R&R gear shift lever bushings. P/N 905-107 (Dorman), easy to do, loosen rear nuts to end of bolts, leave in place to support column, removed front nuts so it drops down far enough to get my big mitt in and change bushings.

Broken Shift Indicator Cable Bracket:
Spent a lot of time searching for complete shift indicator assy. They run between $80.00 - $100.00 if available. Found replacement part from Dorman, P/N 70041 for 12.43, bought an extra just in case.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the members of Powerstroke! Couldn't have done it without your advice posted within this forum! PS- I had a widow maker H/A that damn near killed me and appeared to have forgotten a lot of what I learned in fleet. After deciding to get my truck back on the road, if I hadn't found this forum, I might have sold it for junk. Had a lot of idiots stop by wanting to give me $500 for it...
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